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Buy rail tickets online

You have to print your E-ticket and exchange it at ticket window of "Ukrzaliznitsia" previously

How to buy a rail ticket on the web-site:

1. Select the route:
- the city of departure,
- the city of destination
- the date of departure.
The system will automatically show you variants of the route.
Opposite the appropriate train - you shall to put the mark (the point of choice).

2. Place your order and pay:
Payment for rail tickets using your bank card on the site online is available.

3. Receive tan acceptance the ticket being bought
After the payment for tickets you will be sanded a message about your purchase being succeed on your e-mail address.
In the message will be marked the code, which is identification number of your rail ticket.

4. Take your ticket
You will receive the ticket being bought on the web-site in office of "Ukrzaliznytsya" .

To receive the ticket on the blank of "Ukrzaliznytca" and also when boarding the train, you must have with you the identification document. If there is no identification document with you the cashier has the right not to give you a travel document. Boarding the train may be executed only if you have a rail ticket in accordance with the officially established models. Printed copy of the electronic ticket is not a document.

Rail tickets in Ukraine - at the moment may be registered with no name or passport demanded.

Rail tickets in Ukraine

Service of the selling of rail tickets is constantly developing. We are trying to propose you maximally comfortable online service of selling rail tickets.
Soon it will be possible to book a rail ticket, hour sale of rail tickets through the Internet is already available.

Prices for rail tickets (travel documents) depend on the comfort of the carriage and on the volume of the passenger flow. The most accessible are tickets for the carriage with numbered reserved seats. Tickets for carriages with numbered reserved seats, as a rule, are available for the lowest prices and the comfort of this class of the carriage is minimal. Tickets for carriages with numbered reserved seats are the most popular and also they are most often available.

Prices for rail tickets for compartment are a little higher, but it has a higher comfort level.

Prices for rail ticket for compartment ate higher, but nevertheless it is more popular for the long trips.

The highest prices are for super lux.

Compartments in super luxes are just for two persons, and there are 18 passengers in the whole carriage.

The data marked on the ticket:

On standard blanks of the rail tickets is shown all necessary information about your trip from city to city.

It is necessary to show the number of the train, the number of the car (carriage) and the number of the place in the car, and also its class, time and the date of departure and arrival of the train.

Rail tickets in the Internet

The possibility to book online rail tickets for lower prices helps you to get tickets you are looking for in much easier way. This will give you the economy of your time and there will be no need for you to stay in turns, because tickets you bought shall just be changed in special cash without any turns. "Money and time are always interconnected".

Advantages of the railway transport.

Obvious advantages of the railway transport are making it the most popular way of transportation. Except the fact it is the most secure kind of transportation, it has almost no competitors by the level of providing security during the trip. Also low prices for rail tickets are making this kind of transport available for everyone.

Additionally our clients are given the possibility to order the transfer from "Borispol" international airport to Kiev and Kiev central railway station and Kiev South railway station or from railway station or airport buses to other cities of Ukraine, and also transfer on the bus, the taxi or the auto from Simferopol railway station to other cities of the Crimea.

Railway transport of Ukraine

Railway transport of Ukraine today executes a huge part of passenger transportations. Highly developed train system, on the territory of Ukraine gives to the owner of the rail ticket the possibility to travel in any region of the state without any problem. The main advantage of the railway transport, first of all, is the relatively low fare, comparatively to the other kinds of transport. And this makes it available for every segment of society. Average price of rail tickets for the trips on the territory of Ukraine in carriages and compartments is: carriages from 100 and compartments nearly 300 hrn. A to buy the rail ticket to the lux class will cost 500 hrn and more. Also, railway transport is one of the most secure kinds of transport and for today - the most reliable.

Ukrainian railways are always developing in its services for passengers. This year the new Hyundai high-speed train was launched: from Kiev to the main regional centers: to Dnepropetrovsk, to Kharkov, to Lvov. From 2008 the possibility to buy the ticket for the train by the bank card in the site in the Internet is available. The web-site of the rail tickets selling in the Internet - is already a vital thing for every traveler. The web-site of the rail tickets in Ukraine helps to get information about the ticket price and the availability of the tickets, to select class of the train and class of the car. For now it is necessary to change the order prepaid in the Internet for the paper rail ticket of the strict accountability. In the electronic order of the tickets may be several tickets (group order for the train). The group order is to be paid for all passengers at once, after that this order may be changed for the tickets in the cash of every station, cashes of the advanced ticket sales for the long distance trains, in terminals at the railways. Rail tickets for lowest prices are tickets for carriages with numbered reserved seats (second-class carriages). Those tickets are also available in the Internet and it is very practical, because you may choose nearby places in the carriage. The possibility to choose by yourself nearly bottom place for children and also to choose places in the one compartment is the main advantage of the developing service! Bedclothes are now always included in price of the first-class and second-class tickets of compartment and carriage on Ukrainian trains. At this time rail e-ticket is not registered. This means everyone can change a ticket by the individual code of the ticket and there will be no need in passport for him (or her) to buy rail-tickets in Ukraine. Public transportations by the railway transport is also a very important social task, so in winter period there are discounts for rail tickets for children, pupils, students. Discounts for rail tickets for some categories of passengers may be up to 100%. The cost of the train travels consists of the cost of the reserved seat (basic cost of the travel), insurance for train travel, additional value of the service class, comfort, additional services and fees for selling. Final cost of the rail ticket may be different on the same route, train or even carriage.

Central Railway Station

Kiev Central Railway Station - "Kiev-Passenger" is one of the biggest railway stations of Ukraine. The railway station operates from 1870 and for today it consists of buildings of Central, South and suburban railway stations and also there are locomotive and carriage repair depot. Kiev central railway station is also a main passenger terminal of Ukraine, where it is possible to change from train to intercity buses and to travel almost to every city of Ukraine. In cashes of the central railway passengers can buy rail tickets to every region of Ukraine and near abroad. In every terminal of the central railway station there is cash, where you can change your e-ticket for the standard rail ticket.