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Selling bus tickets online

Regular routes from Kiev:

Buses: Kiev - Dnepropetrovsk, the ticket price - 144 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Odessa, the ticket price - 144 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Donetsk, the ticket price - 241 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Mariupol, the ticket price - 272 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Kiev, the ticket price - from 197 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Truskavets, ticket price - 256 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Yaremche, ticket price - 176 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, 170 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Melitopol - Berdyansk, 286 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Bolgrad, fare - 210 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Verkhovyna, fare 218;

Buses: Kiev - Vladimir-Volynsky, price 143 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Dneprodzerzhynsk - Tokmak, 150 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Lviv, fare - 176 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Ternopil, the ticket price - 150 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Ivano-Frankivsk, price 183 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Kamenetz-Podolsk, 130 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Kmelnitsky, price - 100 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Colomiya, the ticket price - 192 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Kosiv, the price of tickets - 205 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Kirovograd, the cost - 148 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Simferopol - Alushta, 265 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Yalta, tickets - 265 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Ternopil, the ticket price - 143 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Chernovtsy, the ticket price - 168 UAH;

Buses: Kiev - Evpatoria, the ticket price - 264 UAH.

Buses: Kiev - Kherson, the ticket price - 173 UAH.

Buses: Kiev - Nikolaev, the ticket price - 154 UAH.

Buses: Kiev - Vinnitsa, the ticket price - 105 UAH.

Buses: Kiev - Lutsk, the ticket price - 160 UAH.

Buses: Kiev - Kharkiv, the ticket price - 192 UAH.

Buses: Kiev - Kremenchug, the ticket price - 140 UAH.

Buses: Kiev - Poltava, the ticket price - 130 UAH.

Buses: Kiev - Rivne, the ticket price - 133 UAH.

Buses: Kiev - Sumy, the ticket price - 124 UAH.

Buses: Kiev - Chernigov, the ticket price - 70 UAH.

Buses: Kiev - Novodnistrovsk, price - 142 UAH.

Buses: Kiev - Lugansk, the ticket price - 244 UAH.

Buses: Kiev - Mirgorod ticket price - 139 UAH.

Accurate information about routes and prices of tickets for inercity buses in Ukraine, see the online system.

Bus Tickets - Buy Online

To order tickets for the bus in Ukraine in the online order form shall be specified:

1. city of departure

2. city of arrival (the system automatically detects the points of arrival - bus stations)

3. date (the desired range of dates)

Then click the Search button.

Connection to the information base will be done automatically, and already on the next page, you can select various options, including the possible sale of the tickets, depending on age, student ID or number of tickets in the order.

4. Specify the route (point), depending on the city or the point of arrival or bus station (link to map showing the location of the bus station will be formed in the left information box).

5. Button-adjusted, shows the additional forms for entering personal data.

It is necessary accurately to identify a telephone number and the e-mail address - only in this case the support service will contact you if necessary, or provide additional information.

After booking, to your e-mail address (E-mail) will ber automatically sent the email booking list, which will include all the necessary data.

How to buy bus tickets

The system provides several ways to pay for the ordered ticket:

1. payment by the booking number via payment terminals "Bank24" after pre-order on the site.

2. buy bus tickets directly in payment terminals "Bank24".

3. Online travel agencies and offices throughout Ukraine (look the Partners Offices).

4. in the "E-Travels" Customer Support office (look Contacts).

5. by acquiring via "PrivatBank" bank card (Visa/Mastercard online payment).

6. available option to purchase bus tickets at the PrivatBank offices (without a booking).

Samples of tickets:

2 days prior to departure it is possible to book, to order and after this to buy bus tickets.

1 day prior to departure it is possible to buy a bus ticket in payment terminals, travel agencies or at the central office.

Book and buy bus tickets

1. Select your desired starting point. The system will automatically offer all possible destinations.

2. Select the date you specify an interval of search (plus a few days).

3. Number of tickets

4. Note the route (point), depending on the city.

5. Press "Perform".

For trips abroad (international routes), you must specify the data of passport and visa.

Fill in all the fields of online form

Name and surname shall be written in Latin letters

Phone number and E-mail address shall be valid.

You will receive by e-mail (E-mail) a letter and Itinerary receipt.

Please note that the reservation (booking) has fixed term.

You can book an e-ticket, unless prior to the trip is more than 2 days.

There are several ways to pay for tickets:

1. credit card - online (through acquiring).

2. Book or purchase in payment terminals.

3. pay at travel agencies network all over Ukraine.

4. in-office of the "E-Travels" Company (see contacts).

Ask the support service of special offers: bus tickets - cheap.

Student and group discounts are also available.

Bus tickets in Ukraine

Ukraine has developed a strong network of bus transportations. Buses in Ukraine have an important social role and infrastructure for the population. Bus transportations connect all cities, towns and villages of Ukraine. Bus transportation is available to all segments of the population, bus tickets are cheapest. In this case, apply a discount on tickets for children, students, seniors, groups of passengers and others. Passenger bus transportations in Ukraine - the licensed activity strictly controlled by the state, so the answer to the question "how much is the bus fare?" - Is clear: "You can get cheap", but it is always safe and comfortable.

Kiev - a city of millions, every day in the capital of Ukraine by bus transport arrives and leaves about 50 million people, that is why such large traffic flows serves more than 7 passenger terminals and the Central Bus Station in Kiev (CBS). Each bus is defined by the category of service and geographical location in Kiev. This largely determines the direction of passenger transportations: the place of arrival of buses interprovincial routes to Kiev and departure of buses from Kiev to different regions of Ukraine. Bus station category affects the size of the stational fee and, of course, the cost of a bus ticket.

Buses in Ukraine

Kiev Central Bus Station - one of the largest bus stations in Ukraine. Address: Kiev Central Bus Station - Avenue of Science, 1/2, near the metro station "Demievskaya" in the Moscow square. Geography of bus trips - almost all around Ukraine. The central bus station buses are executing routes from most areas of Ukraine and Crimea. More than half of international buses depart exactly from the central bus station in Kiev.

In the south of Kiev many routes are executed by long-distance buses. The largest bus companies send routes from Kiev to Odessa, Simferopol, Yalta and Alushta. At this direction are also many other carriers. There are regular buses from Kiev to Kherson, Mykolaiv and Odesa. Special transportation center is Odessa, a major resort and port city, so the long-distance bus routes to Ukraine and Europe from Odessa may vary depending on how large passenger flow during the summer season and with a natural decline in the number of trips in the winter. Geography of bus routes from Odessa, served at the bus station - it's all the regions of Ukraine, as well as abroad.

No less important is the region of Crimea. On the web- site you can buy bus tickets from Simferopol in almost all cities of the Crimea, so you can comfortably and quickly reach any city in southern Ukraine from Russia and the CIS countries.

In the East, many buses are departuring from the central station through Kiev South Bridge and following the 'Kharkiv highway" from Kiev to Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv. On the site you can order tickets for an exclusive bus trip from Kiev to Mariupol. Transporter Mariupol Auto also performs bus trip from Kiev to Berdyansk and Melitopol, and the tickets are cheap because of the extra discount. Special demand is for bus tickets from Kiev to Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava and Cherkassy, and routes from Kiev to Kirovograd performed more than 5 times a day. Through the eastern regions are regular bus services in Russia, particularly in Moscow and Rostov, and from Odessa to St. Petersburg.

To the west, a large bus station truckers daily and regular buses from Kiev to Truskavets, Drohobych, Rivne and Lutsk. In the Western region to Kiev in Yaremche, Chernivtsi, Verkhovina passengers ride the bus on a winter ski vacation and summer in the picturesque Carpathian Mountains. In the historical and cultural center of western Ukraine buses run from Kiev to Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Uzhgorod, and tickets are in demand among students because the flight have student discounts and discounts for groups of passengers. But Lviv is one of the largest transportation centers in the country, so there is intense transit ridership from Lviv to Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, passing Chernovtsy routes to Greece departing from Kiev, and some international buses in Western Europe go from Uzhgorod . Accordingly, most of the passengers from the other regions, traveling to Europe through the major cities of Western Ukraine.

Geography of routes of passenger buses from the capital covers most of the major cities of Ukraine. For information on the availability of routes and the price of the tickets use the online booking system that provides detailed information about the regularity of buses in Ukraine. In this case, buying bus tickets to any city of Ukraine or the Crimea you can also buy a ticket for the return route departing in any other city.

Exact route details and prices of tickets for intercity buses in Ukraine, see the online system. Selling tickets is available on the buses to most of the cities of Ukraine and many European cities and states.

We wish you successful trips only.

About the Company

Information and service system of the E-Travels - provides online implementation of passenger traffic, brings together the ever-growing community of transport companies in Ukraine.

First of all, we create an information channel - from the carrier to the client.

And the second - on the required level of service and to meet the ever increasing demands of the market.

Company - E-Travels - is a newer and more progressive form of E-Commerce in Ukraine, and is directly controlled by the information channel of the global transportation infrastructure.

To date, the list of transport services of the company includes virtually everything related to passenger traffic:

Directly on the site, you can buy airline tickets to any country in the world, at the same time, depending on the rate and the total cost, choose a plane ticket among regular or charter flights with a possible transfer to the long-distance bus from the airport.

Opportunity to pick up at a cost of bus tickets, depending on the desired room on regional routes, or to order tickets for regular long-distance transportations.

It is already possible to buy railway tickets online, but with the help of support can be difficult to plan a route in which the available routes to pick up a personal transportation service from the airport to the train station, then change to a train, for example, to Moscow, Prague or Berlin, and book tickets for international buses to Ukraine for the return journey.

Order the transfer to the widest range of value, the total value of which may be comparable with a cup of coffee or to book a bus for a group of passengers, but at the same time pay the trip in advance on the site, whether through which cities, airports or train stations you plan to travel.

After any order to print an e-ticket at the right day to go to the airport, railway station or directly on board of the bus, but instead of unnecessary costs in advance to buy the cheapest tickets, and then plan future trips that will cost cheaper.

All of this is our own achievement, and we are pleased to offer this benefit.

We are not only happy to help, but are ready to ensure your trip, because in the course of our work - this is our main task to which we are approaching with the utmost responsibility.


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